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BCS Computer Networks & Security with Honour (SECRH)

We are home to academic staffs with expertise in various aspects of computer science. With professors & lecturers in different fields of computer science, the department has become a reference portal for the public, the industry and the government to help find solutions to problems. Our main areas are Computer Network, Computer and Information Security, Pervasive Computing, Teaching and Learning.The department offers comprehensive computer science degree programs, including Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Network and Security), Master of Computer Science (Information Security), Master of Science, and PhD by research. Our curriculum prepares students for advanced careers in the computer industry, specializing in computation theory, system design, and network management. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees align with ACM Body of Knowledge and Malaysian Qualifications Agency standards. Graduates are equipped for roles like Analyst Programmer, Network Engineer, Software Developer, and Computer Security Consultant. Our programs focus on practical skills, efficient scientific approaches, and expertise in designing and managing computer networks and security systems. Welcome to all, including new students.

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Professor Dr Md Asri Ngadi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and good day to all.

Thanks for visiting website of applied Computer Science Department. Here we offer a lot of opportunities for you to improve your knowledge in the area of applied computing as well as implement the knowledge to solve the current issues. we also have experienced lecturers to teach and guide you throughout your studies. We are looking forward to welcoming you as part of our members in Computer Science Department. 

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