Report Duty At Practical Organization

Students are required to report for the practical training at the organization on the set date and time.
Upon reporting, students are expected to:

  1. Download from ITS the BLI-1D form.
  2. Complete the Report Duty Verification form (BLI-1D) and must be validated by the Organization Supervisor (with valid signature and official organization stamp)
  3. The students should deliver/mail/e-mail/fax the verified Report Duty Verification form to the Practical Training Coordinator within the first week of the practical training period.
  4. Consult the Organization Supervisor pertaining to the scope of training and responsibilities.
  5. Communicate to the Faculty Supervisor concerning the work scopes assigned by the organization, name, contact number and email address of the Organization Supervisor, and the complete address.

Students are NOT ALLOWED to change the place of practical training unless with a written consent from the Practical Training Coordinator. Student who illegally move to other organization shall be considered violating the practical training regulations and may be graded as FAIL.