Application Procedure

Industrial Training Application Procedure

The students should apply placement at external organization. However, application in UTM will be considered after applications to a few organizations are rejected and with the consent from the Dean.

Pre-application procedure

The students should obtain detailed information about the organization as below but not limited to:

i) Organization/Company background;
ii) Type of activities:
Service(s) provided;
– Ongoing and/or future projects;
– Products or goods produced;
iii) The relevant work scope of the Industrial training.

This information may be acquired directly from the organization or the students that have completed their training at the organization.

Application Procedure

Once the organization is identified, the students are expected to:

i) Complete the Potential Company for Industrial Training Application Form (BLI-1C) [Appendix 1];
– attach the organization detailed profile;
(BLI-1C need to be submitted even the organization is listed in ITS

ii)submit the complete BLI-1C form to the Industrial Training Secretariat at the Faculty General Office for the approval and issuance of the Industrial training confirmation letter.

iii) Review the Industrial training organizations listed in the ITS. The students are reminded to explore whether the selected organization is appropriate;
iv) Apply for the Industrial training placement at the selected organization through the ITS. The students are allowed to apply for only ONE organization at any one time;
v) Collect the Industrial training confirmation letter from the Industrial Training Secretariat at the Faculty General Office;
vi) Forward to the organization the following documents:
– The Industrial training confirmation letter;
– The student’s résumé;
– The Organization Acceptance for Industrial Training Form (BLI-2A) [Appendix 2].
vii) Follow-up with the organization should there be no response received within TWO weeks of the application.
viii) The organization should return the BLI-2A form to the student or directly to the Faculty General Office (by fax or mail) with accepted/rejected reply within the period to be defined by the Faculty;
ix) Return the BLI-2A form to the Industrial Training Secretariat – to be recorded for the issuance the Industrial training confirmation letter:
– Only if the organization in the BLI-2A form is the one originally applied for in the ITS, shall the confirmation letter be issued. Otherwise, the student may face disciplinary actions and penalties will be imposed [refer Appendix 4]. The Disciplinary Unit shall advise the student on further actions;

x) In the event the application is rejected, the student is required to submit BLI-2A form or official letter from the organization as proof; and repeat steps (i)-(ix) for new placement application.

The students are accountable for the consequences of bypassing the Faculty in applying for Industrial training placement. Hence penalties may be imposed, as stipulated in Appendix 4.

The Faculty shall not be liable for any problems whatsoever and/or legal actions that may be taken by the organization.

Should there be any problems related to the placement, the students are advised to consult the Industrial Training Coordinator or Committee.

Application Procedure for Overseas Organisation

Industrial training abroad must obtain the approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia (Wisma Putra) beforehand. Completed applications should be submitted through the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students Affairs) at least 30 WORKING DAYS before leaving for overseas.
Applications must be accompanied by the following:

i) Three (3) copies of the application letter and 3 (three) copies of the papers to be done by the Placement Committee
ii) The offer letter from the industrial training organization
iii) The overseas application form (Form KN (HEP) (Amendment 2010) completed by the students with comments and support from the faculty’s Dean. This form can be obtained from the Office of the Students Affairs.

Applications must clearly state the parties who will fund the training expenses such as airfare, meals, subsistence, accommodation and others.
Students must arrange their own passport / visa.
Students can take additional insurance, and the cost will be borne by the students themselves.

Placement Cancellation Procedure

The students are discouraged from withdrawing the Industrial training placement application. Nevertheless, in the event the organization fails to respond (application accepted or rejected) within the specified timeframe, the students are expected to revoke the application with a written cancellation letter and apologies to the organization.

Offer Decline Procedure

Should the students decline the placement offer with due justification(s), they are required to perform the following tasks:

i) Present to the Industrial Training Committee the concrete and justifiable reason(s) for declining the offer;
ii) If agreed upon by the Committee, students need to verbally inform the organization on the decline decision. However, should the organization disapprove, students MUST accept the Industrial training placement offer from the organization.
iii) If the organization approves the decline, students need to prepare and send an official letter for declining the Industrial Training to the organization and send copies to the Faculty Deputy Registrar and the Industrial Training Secretariat. This letter must be endorsed by the Industrial Training Coordinator;
iv) Wait for the response from the organization that accepts the student’s decision to decline the placement offer at their organization;
v) Upon receiving the approval letter from the organization, submit the letter, at the earliest, to the Industrial Training Secretariat for record;
vi) Apply for new placement as stipulated in Section 2.7.2.

Industrial Training Placement

The placement shall only be made after ALL of the following conditions are complied:

i) The student have registered for Industrial Training course code (SC* 3114 and SC* 3118);
ii) Meet the CPA and total ‘acquired credit’ requirements as at the preceding semester before the Industrial training commences;
iii) Meet other requirements as deemed necessary by the Faculty.

The Faculty shall release to the students the confirmation letter for reporting for Industrial training, with the following details:

i) Name and address of the organization;
ii) Name of the officer in charge;
iii) Telephone and fax number of the organization;
iv) Reporting date and time;
v) Name, telephone and e-mail of the Faculty Supervisor.

The Faculty shall also send the Industrial Training Placement official letter to the organization to notify the information pertaining to the student’s name, reporting date and time and the contact number of the Faculty Supervisor.

Insurance Coverage letter

Before undergoing to Industrial training, students are required to obtain insurance cover letter issued by the office of Student Affairs (HEMA).