Report Writing

Industrial Training Report writing guidelines and files.

Report Writing Format

The Industrial Training Written Report is to fulfill the learning objective of code SC*4114, i.e. to produce the technical report according to the appropriate format.

The industrial training written report must have a project title and must follow the UTM thesis format.
The contents of the report must follow the format specified by the faculty and must not exceed 50 pages (excluding the terms and appendix)
The report may be written in Bahasa Malaysia or English and should be submitted before/on the date as indicated by the Faculty.
The report should incorporate the following contents and shall be assessed as per the weight below :
Industrial-training Report Guideline

The report must be bound using ring binder. The front page should be printed with orange coloured thick paper. The format for the report is as shown in Appendix 5.
The score for Industrial Training Report contributes to 60% of the overall marks for the SC*4114 course code.

Report attributes:
i)Industrial Training Report Cover example
ii) A4 size papers;
iii) Font style Times New Roman, size 12;
iv) 1 ½ spacing.

Report Writing Attachement

Industrial Training Achievement

Industrial Training Checklist