Master students

Supervision : Master of Computer Science

  1. Acids Sequence Alignment using Ant Colony Optimazation and Fuzzy Clustering (graduated)
  2. Algorithms Plagiarism Detection (graduated)
  3. An Antology – Based Biology Literature Information Retrieval System (graduated)
  4. Analysis of Fuzzy and Non Hierarchical Clustering for Suggestion of Supervisors and Examiners (graduated)
  5. Analysis of Neural-network based and Hierarchical Clustering for Suggestion of Supervisors and Examiners retrieval (graduated)
  6. Arabic Plagiarism Detection Techniques (graduated)
  7. Biodiversity Retrieval based on Spatial-Temporal Features (current student)
  8. Chemical Compound Clustering using Adaptive Resonance Theory (graduated)
  9. Chemical Compound Clustering using Gath-Geva Techniques (graduated)
  10. Chemical Compound Clustering using Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques (graduated)
  11. Clustering Approach Based on Feature Weighting for Recommendation System in Movie Domain (graduated)
  12. Cluster-based compound selection using genetic algorithm and genetic-Wards clustering (graduated)
  13. Comparison of cluster-based compound selection using fuzzy clustering, Wards clustering and fuzzy-Wards clustering (graduated)
  14. Comparison of Summarization Techniques for Text Documents (graduated)
  15. Comparison of Similarity Measures and Weighting Schemes for Text Retrieval (graduated)
  16. Comparison of Ontology Learning Techniques for Quranic Text (current student)
  17. Compound classification using support vector machine (graduated)
  18. Cross-language Plagiarism Detection Techniques (current student)
  19. Curriculum Sequencing In Adaptive Multimedia Learning System Using Fuzzy Logic (graduated)
  20. Dengue Outbreak Modelling and Prediction using Neural Network (graduated)
  21. Detection of SQL-Injection in Database Security Protection (graduated)
  22. Development of Machine learning techniques using 3D Structural Information for Identification of Biologically Important Sites in Selected Protein (current student)
  23. Fatwa Database Modelling & Retrieval System (graduated)
  24. Features and Classifiers for Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets (graduated)
  25. Figure Plagiarism Detection (graduated)
  26. Fusion of Similarity Measures for Thesis Retrieval (graduated)
  27. Fuzzy Based Implicit Sentiment Analysis on Quantitative Sentences (graduated)
  28. Fuzzy Based Implicit Sentiment Analysis on Quantitative Sentence (graduated)
  29. Genetic Algorithms For Fusion Of Molecular Similarity Measures (graduated)
  30. Hadiths Database Modelling & Retrieval System  (graduated)
  31. Information Integration of Heterogeneous Biological Databases (graduated)
  32. Localization of Global Supply Chain Management System for Online Gift Shop (graduated)
  33. Optimization of molecular similarity searching using molecular size based data fusion (graduated)
  34. New Shape Descriptor for Molecular Databases (current student)
  35. Optimal parameterization of protein sequence local alignment using dynamic programming (graduated)
  36. Particle-Swarm Optimization for Clustering of Chemical Databases (graduated)
  37. Pembangunan Sistem Sokongan Keputusan bagi Pemilihan Kursus (My Future) (graduated)
  38. Pembangunan Aplikasi Cepat Membaca Al-Quran untuk Platform Android (MAI IQra) (graduated)
  39. Pembentukan Metodologi Keperluan Maklumat Institusi Perubatan Akademik Tempatan (graduated)
  40. Plagiarism Detection of Bar Charts (graduated)
  41. Probabilistic-based similarity searching for compound retrieval  (graduated)
  42. Prediction of Biological Activity of Molecules (graduated)
  43. Review spam detection using time series (graduated)
  44. Rough-neuro based compound clustering (graduated)
  45. Singleton Spam Review Detection using SVM Classifier Algorithm (graduated)
  46. Side Effects Recognition as Implicit Opinion Words in Drug Reviews (graduated)
  47. Side Effects Recognition as Implicit Opinion Words in Drug Reviews (graduated)
  48. Sistem Bacaan Al-Quran Untuk Kanak-Kanak (graduated)
  49. Semantic Recommender System (graduated)
  50. Spatial Database Modelling and Retrieval for Kuantan Area (graduated)
  51. Support-Vector Machine for Chemical Compound Retrieval (graduated)
  52. Supply Chain Managment of Online Gift Shop (graduated)
  53. Twitter Sentiment Analysis (graduated)
  54. Web-Based Cross Language Plagiarism Detection (graduated)
  55. Web-based Document Plagiarism Detection using Semantic Network (graduated)

Supervision : Master of Information Technology 

  1. Annual Performance Appraisal System based on Research University Criteria (graduated)
  2. A web-based E-learning System using Semantic Web Framework (graduated)
  3. A Framework for Design Information Management System for Architects (graduated)
  4. Collaborative Appointment & Meeting Management System (graduated)
  5. Counselling Management System for International Islamic University College (graduated)
  6. Decision Support System for Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah (graduated)
  7. Design and Development of Control Chart Pattern Recognition (graduated)
  8. Dynamic System Framework for Business System Analysis in  Object-Oriented System Development (graduated)
  9. E-counselling System for Sanaa Community College (graduated)
  10. Enterprise Analysis for Contract Management (graduated)
  11. Knowledge-Base and Expert Diagnostic System for Industry Product Defect (graduated)
  12. MSSD Track and Field Event Management System (graduated)
  13. Online Journal Management System (graduated)
  14. Palm Oil Seeds Sales Forecasting System (graduated)
  15. Rapid and Scalable Enterprise Information System Projects Management (graduated)
  16. Supply Chain Management System for Small Medium Industries (graduated)
  17. Stock Management System for Small Medium Industries (graduated)
  18. Tender Management System for Riau Province (graduated)
  19. Water Meter Distribution System for Perak Water Council (graduated)

Supervision : Post Graduate in Computer Science

  1. Pangkalan Data Sijil Pengecualian Daripada Lesen Cawangan Penguatkuasaan Pelesenan Jabatan Kastam dan Eksais Diraja (graduated)
  2. Sistem Maklumat Pelesenan Cukai Jualan dan Cukai Perkhidmatan di Jabatan Kastam (graduated)
  3. Sistem Pendaftaran Pelupusan Hartanah Bagi Cukai Keuntungan Hartanah di Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (graduated)