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MDEC NxFORCE 6 Weeks Program Report

Cybersecurity has definitely becoming one of the most pressing issues and digital threats are growing in tandem with the growing complexity of the digital landscape. Thus, it is imperative to get our … [Read More...]

Fatin Nazwa, 4SCSR summer school experience in SeoulTech, South Korea. (July 2018)

Universities don’t close their doors during the summer vacation or semester holiday. Therefore, it was a good opportunity among many students all over the world to go to a summer school abroad to … [Read More...]

SCSR students at Google Games Southeast Asia 17 Mar 2018

Google Games Southeast Asia was held on 17th March 2018 by Google Malaysia, at Google Office Malaysia. There were total 14 team from all around university of Malaysia to join this games. We feel so … [Read More...]

Journey to Helsinki, Finland

Our 3SCSR international student from Bangladesh, MOHAMMAD-AL FATTAH, is currently doing a semester abroad in Helsinki under the Erasmus grant. We hope that his story below will inspire other students … [Read More...]

SCSR BBQ Night – Picnic Under the Stars

Pada 16.3.2018, telah berlangsungnya Program BBQ bagi Jabatan Sains Komputer yang diadakan di Tempat Barbeku Tasik UTM. Hampir 200 orang pelajar telah menghadiri program BBQ ini yang terdiri daripada … [Read More...]

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Thank you PM Dr Nora. Welcome Prof Dr Shafie!

Aligned with the new UTM Synergy 4.0, SCSR has its first Director, Profesor Muhammad Shafie Abdul Latif. He is not new to the programme, have been the Head of Department in charge of SCSR before. This … [Read More...]

Dr Suhaila attending Enterprise Data Science (EDS) course

Throughout September 2017 to January 2018, for 42 days, in an effort to boost lifelong learning and knowledge growth, our staff Dr Suhaila Mohamad Yusuf attended the Enterprise Data Science (EDS) … [Read More...]

Discussion with Qaiwan University regarding TNE programme implementation in Kurdistan, Iraq

SKUDAI, 26 December 2017 - A delegation from Qaiwan University today came to the faculty, to discuss the the offering of SCSR programme at Qaiwan University in Kurdistan, Iraq. The discussion was held … [Read More...]

Dr Siti Hajar in Berita Harian

Our metamodel expert giving her opinion and suggestion on the recent national tragedy. Berita Harian 2 Oktober 2017. … [Read More...]

FC Eid Celebration Night

The Faculty of Computing held a faculty-wide Eid Celebration Night on Thursday 20 July 2017. It was done in a 'stall-style' where the different departments were responsible for managing, preparing and … [Read More...]

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Survey done through google forms from 3rd January 2018 and the trace study by KPT during convocation.     … [Read More...]


I was exposed to computers during my primary school years at a time when Microsoft Windows 3.11 still existed and multiple 3 ½-inch floppy disks were used to install a program, i.e. in the 1990s. I … [Read More...]

Reflections on an Academic Career: An Interview with Dr Subariah Ibrahim

Computer Science Department which stands as an entity that combined Computer Systems and Communications Department (SKK) together with Industrial Computing Department (PPI) had its first retiree, Dr … [Read More...]

Believe: Gan Kong Fei (Cohort 2010)

By Gan Kong Fei Believe! The strongest word that leads my life until today. I felt bad when I received my STPM result, which I never expected such horrible result. I was worried my career would not … [Read More...]

Class of 2016 Convocation

KJ Dr Muhammad Shafie with Mohamaed Azreen and his parents on his convocation day 24th October 2016. Azreen did his PSM and is currently pursuing his Master of Computer Science under Dr … [Read More...]

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