• Tarikh: 4/1/2017 Tempat: Dewan Seminar 1 N28A Waktu: 2:30 PM

    Taklimat Latihan Industri
  • Dear students, You can download the following materials for your references: 1. Slide presentation of LI Briefing 1 2. Industrial Training Calendar 3. User manual for ITS All the best in finding good company for your training…

    LI Briefing 1 Materials
  • Potential Company Application form, BLI-2A form and Briefing 1 slides have been uploaded in ITS.  Please refer to the briefing slides for the application steps and procedures and download the related form for your usage.  

    Forms and Slides
  • Students report to the industrial training organisation. For Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor – from 3rd February 2014 (Monday) to 19th June 2014 (Thursday) For other states – from 3rd February 2014 (Monday) to 20th June 2014 (Friday) Please dress appropriately, portray excellent appearance, demonstrate great interest to start the training and keep good image of… [Continue Reading]

    Industrial Training Begins
  • Students are required to report for the practical training at the organization on the set date and time. Upon reporting, students are expected to: Download from ITS the BLI-1D form. Complete the Report Duty Verification form (BLI-1D) and must be validated by the Organization Supervisor (with valid signature and official organization stamp) The students should… [Continue Reading]

    Report Duty At Practical Organization