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Computing Proceeding

This Proceeding presents selected papers from the undergraduate final year projects submitted to Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The main theme of the Proceedings is “Innovations in Computing Technology and Applications”. We are planning to publish this proceedings each semester to help our undergraduate students to publish their interesting findings and also to improve their research skills and expertise.

The proceedings includes papers for students from different Bachelor programs at the Faculty of Computing such as Software Engineering, Databases, Computer Networks and Security, Graphics and Multimedia Software and Bioinformatics. The articles presented different topics on computing technology and showed how innovative solutions can provide useful applications to our daily life. We hope that the developed applications and the proposed solutions discussed in this proceedings are useful to our community.


                   The objectives of the FC-UTM Computing Proceeding are as follows:

                          1. To encourage students in writing academic and scientific publication

                          2. To publish students final year project

                          3. To increase the number of publications in the field of computer science

Latest Publications

Inovasi di dalam Teknologi dan Aplikasi Komputeran (Jilid 2)

Innovations in Computing Technology and Applications (Volume 2)

Class Project Book Chapter: Innovation in Information System (Series 3)


Articles published in 2016 & 2017

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