About Research
Faculty of Computing has a dynamic research culture with an international reputation. As one of Malaysia’s
leading computing research institution.
Students learn beyond the classroom with researchers; in the lab, the studio and the field.


Research Group

 SERG Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)

Group Leader –Prof. Madya Dr. Dayang Norhayati binti Abang Jawawi
SERG is actively involves in the research efforts that aims to improve the techniques, methods, processes and tools for development and maintenance of the large and complex software systems. We welcome industry and organization member or prospective research students to join us in enhancing the state of software engineering research and practice.
Information Assurance & Security Research Group (IASRG)

Group Leader –Dr. Mohd Foad bin RohaniInformation Assurance and Security Research Group (IASRG)
aims to address the broad issues involved in the protection of information
and communications services and infrastructure systems.
Main areas of research includes: Multimedia Security & Disaster Management.
 PCRG Pervasive Computing Research Group (PCRG)
Group Leader –Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanan bin AbdullahPervasive computing, often synonymously called ubiquitous computing, is an emerging field of research that brings in new paradigms for computing models in the 21st century. Tremendous developments in such technologies as wireless communications and networking, mobile computing and sensors, and the like, have led to the evolution of pervasive computing platforms as natural successor of mobile computing systems. We welcome industry collaborations and joint research to enhance the applications of new technologies in computing.
Soft Computing Research Group (SCRG)
Group Leader –Prof. Dr. Naomie binti SalimEstablished in 1986, the Soft Computing Research Group (SCRG) focuses on research and education in machine learning and soft computing.In machine learning, we study and develop algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data to make data-driven predictions or decisions. In soft computing, we deal with imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation in data to achieve practical, robust and low-cost solution to problems.
 VICUBE Virtual, Visualization and Vision Research Group (UTM ViCubeLab)
Group Leader –Dr. Md Sah bin Hj Salam
Research Lab (UTM ViCubeLab) is cross-disciplinary research group in computing whose primary focus and activities revolves around the design, implementation and application of computer graphics, vision, interaction, simulation and immersive visualization theories
Artificial Intelligence & Bioinformatics Group (AIBIG)
Group Leader –PM Dr. Mohd Saberi bin MohamadFormed in Sept 1999, AIBIG research group – formerly Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics Laboratory (AIBIL) – is being active in several scientific research areas especially Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics. AIBIG is a research group Software Engineering Department, Faculty of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). At AIBIG, We have researchers and students from local and international.
 ISSI Information Service Systems & Innovation (ISSI)
Group Leader –Dr. Alex Sim Tze HiangISSI research group is focusing on both information and service systems type of innovation. With the first type, information systems are the means for people or organizations to create, gather, process, store, use and disseminate information through computer mediated technologies in a digital ecosystem. Whereas, service systems are the configurations of technology and organizational networks designed to deliver services that could satisfy the needs, wants, or aspirations of customers. We welcome interdisciplinary researchers to join us!