System Development-based Project

This type of project is based on developing an application, software or embedded systems. The undertaken project must include programming elements with appropriate users’s complexity and meets PSM scope. This type of project gives the students an opportunity to conduct exercise as a project developer in the area of computer networking, computer security and embedded system. Examples of applications that have been developed in this area are web based application, RFID-based project, sensor, PDA-based application, mobile phone application including SMS, .NET application, TINI based systems and etc.

Research-based Project

This type of project is based on a reseach application that includes data analysis, comparative studies or enhancement of techniques or algorithms. Similair to project based, proragmming elements must be included in the research project. It also emphasizes on analysis as well as technical writing of the report. Students are expected to read few technical papers and able to digest with the help from the appointed supervisors.

This type of project aims at grooming the students with research skills in the area of computer networking, computer security, embedded system, software engineering, bioinformatic, computer graphic and information system. It is suitable for students who are interested in Research and Development (R&D) careers such as academic professionals and researchers.

Examples of research-based projects that have been developed in this area are application of statistical technique in analyzing network data, new technique in parallel cryptography, comparative study of IDS performance, implementation of soft computing technique in solving security and network problems.

PSM Marking Scheme

a) Supervisor (60%)
- Progress (10%), Report (50%)
b) Examiners (40%)
- Presentation (15%), Report (25%)

a) Supervisor (60%)
- Progress - Phase 1 (5%), Phase 2 (5%), Report (50%)
b) Examiners (40%)
- Presentation (15%), Report (25%)

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